Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 10-Visit to Xinhua

Today I woke up at around 11am and got ready for our visit to Xinhua at 3pm. We all left the apartment at around 1:30pm and headed on the tube to meet with the rest of the group and our professors at a tube stop that we had never been to before. We got a little lost today on our way there, but we ended up finding it not too much later. We met with three men who worked for the Xinhua news in London and they were very welcoming to us. It was interesting to hear about a news company that was focused in China and not London like a bunch of other places were.
We were there for about an hour then were free to do what we chose. Myself and a few other girls took the tube to the Hyde Park stop to get dinner and ride bikes in Hyde Park. We sat down to eat at a little restaurant that was not the best in the world...and it was time to pay. I looked in my wallet where I keep everything and my credit card was missing. My heart stopped--but luckily I had another card to pay with. I told the other girls and they were fine with just going back to the apartment and when I was on the tube I remembered I had gone down to Tesco the night before to get some toilet paper. We got back to our apartment and I ran into the Tesco and they had it!!!!!! I was praying that I wasn't going to have to call my parents and tell them so sorry if you're reading this Mom and Dad!
I went back to the apartment and cleaned up a little and now I'm just relaxing and watching tv with the rest of the girls in the apartment. Tomorrow is my day trip to Paris and I can't wait to wake up at 3am tomorrow!

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