Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 5-Rest Day

Today I woke up at about 9:30am and was so exhausted from these past 4 days that I walked out to the common room and fell asleep again watching tv. I woke up at 11am, took a shower, and started to work on some of my assignments that are due later this week. I went out to the Tesco to get some lunch and worked some more on one of my assignments with some of the other girls in our apartment.
They all were planning on going shopping at a vintage market at one of the tube stops but my feet hurt so badly from standing and walking so much that I stayed at the apartment and iced the bottom of them. My blisters are getting better, but I don't want them to get worse or be in pain during the rest of this week--especially tomorrow. I really just sat around today, planned a few visits for the rest of this week after our tours and meetings, and worked on my work.
Today really was a rest day for me and I'm really glad I stayed in because I didn't want to spent a whole lot of money on shopping (which I completely would have) and today was the first day that it was cold! I walked to the Tesco in a tshirt and shorts and I was freezing!! The girls came back a few hours later and we all worked on our assignments a little bit more then headed back to the Tesco to get some dinner.
We all got back to the apartment in time to watch Charlie St. Cloud on tv and it was a great girls night! Some of the girls have gone to bed but I'm up still watching The Big Bang Theory with another one of the girls. I've never seen this show before but it's really funny!
Last night we went to a pub called the Three Kings and watched England take on Italy which was awesome to experience with all of the locals and fans there. It was sad to see the England lost, but we met some awesome people! I had a great time last night and a great time today relaxing and getting ready for a long week. Taking on Oxford tomorrow and I can't wait! Cheers to leaving at 6:30am tomorrow!!

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