Thursday, June 12, 2014

London Day 2-Bloomberg News

Today was not too bad, except for being woken up again at 8am by the construction workers! I got out of bed at around 9:30am, got in the shower and was just hanging out with some of the other study abroad students in our common room until it was time to go. We left at around 12:45pm, took the tube to Bloomberg News. It was absolutely incredible! The area around it is surrounded by tall buildings all very different but very pretty! We arrived to Bloomberg News at around 2pm and had to show our passports to get a pass to even enter the main part of the building. We had to smile for a camera behind the desk and got our passes which were really official looking. I got my pass and wanted to throw my gum away but I couldn't find a trash can so I had to go outside to look for one. Almost instantly a security guard followed me outside and made me come back in because we weren't supposed to leave without our passes being voided--oops!!
Once we all got our passes, we scanned our badges in and headed up the escalators to what looked like organized food Heaven. There were employees everywhere in suits and nice clothes all rushing around with their coffee or bowl of fruit or something like that. There were bins filled with chips, granola bars, and so many more things to eat. There was fresh fruit, you could make your own cappuccino, and even get a cup of frozen yogurt! It was incredible, but there was a purpose. It was there so that employees don't leave to go get food and that they will get more work done. We also learned that they have breakfast food and even salads as well.
We were able to grab any food that we wanted and headed down to a private room for our meeting with our host Carly, another girl named Sarah, and head of Global training Paul Addison. It was cool to just hear what their jobs were and how intense Bloomberg News really is. It was a lot to take in, but it was just amazing to see how everything works together. We learned about something called the Bloomberg Terminal which has "loads" of information that other people, mainly companies, purchase to use--for about $20,000 PER YEAR. I encourage you to look it up, it's really interesting!
We then went on to meet up with our tour guide, Jason (Taylor Lautner), who took us on a tour of Bloomberg News. We sat in an open glass room and heard the history of Bloomberg News as well as Jason's story of how he got his job. We visited different floors and learned about what specific jobs people had. Our tour was pretty quick but we also got to see the tv broadcasting center, which was beautiful!
We walked back to the level with all of the food also called the "Pantry" and went down the escalator. We had to get our passes voided to save them. We walked outside and took a picture with our tour guide and were told we could do what we wanted the rest of the day. Myself and four other of my friends from study abroad took the tube to Baker Street and split up because I had already seen Madame T's wax museum in DC and didn't want to spend 30 pounds.
Myself and two other girls went to the Sherlock Holmes store and also a Beatles store too. We left to go back and meet the other two for dinner and ate at a pizza place, which was delicious! After dinner we took the tube back to our apartment. We all worked on our reflection papers for our tour of Bloomberg News and just hung out for the rest of the night! It was a great day and I hope tomorrow ends up being even better. Can't wait to be up at 9am bright and early!

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