Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Day 7-The Foreign Press Association and Meeting with Theos

This morning I was able to get up a little later and be outside of the apartment at 8:30am. It was chilly again but I dressed with a few more layers thankfully. We got on the tube at south kensington and took it to another station near Buckingham Palace. We walked kind of far and ended up in the wrong place because the address we had was the old address for the FPA! We got directions and had to walk all the way back to where the tube station. The FPA ended up being only a 5ish minute walk away!
We arrived and walked into a nice and neat meeting room with two heads of the FPA. They talked about what the focus and goals were of the press and their backgrounds in the business. It was interesting to hear where they began and where they ended up in the work force. So far everyone we've had meetings with have said the same things--it's not about what it says on your diploma, it matters who you know and the connections you make.
After about an hour and a half in the FPA, we were free to do what we wanted for about three hours so myself and two other girls took the tube to St. Pancras station and were headed to the Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4! (where people could take pictures as if they were going to Hogwarts.) The line was way too long for us to take a picture so we just headed to the gift shop. It was Harry Potter palooza and I loved every minute of it!
We ended up grabbing some food at burger king and it was time to meet back up with our group. We were about a half hour early so I got a drink from starbucks and waited for everyone to show up. Once everyone in our group made it, we took a short walk to Theos, the religious think tank. It was a quaint little office meeting room. We listened to a woman who headed the 6-person team that was Theos and told us their background and purpose. We were able to ask a few questions and learn more about what they really were trying to do as a company.
Once our meeting with them was over, we were free to do whatever and I ended up just going back to the apartment with a few others. I immediately went to bed and dozed off for a little while watching a movie. I woke up and everyone in our common room was working on assignments so that's what I did for the next couple of hours. A few of us went down to the Tesco to get a few things and headed back up to the apartment. We all finished some things and now I'm off to bed! Can't wait for the BBC and The Guardian tomorrow!!!

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