Thursday, June 19, 2014

Day 8-Meeting with the BBC and The Guardian

Yesterday was going to be one of my favorite days because I had been waiting for our visit to the BBC for so long! We took the tube which was ridiculously packed and made it to the BBC about 45 minutes early. A bunch of us stopped and got breakfast at a cafe right next door to it, which was delicious! It was time to go in and get our tour passes. We had to go through screening just like at the airport and then were allotted passes for our tour.
Our first tour guide gave us an overview of the televisions and broadcasting that was done and our second tour guide told us about the floor of the BBC, which was information central. I'd show you pictures but they were very serious about us not taking pictures. After that we walked outside of the building to a broadcasting center where a lot of celebrities are interviewed when they visit.
We then walked into a recording studio where a few of us got to record a segment from a scary show, with noises and everything. After that we went into the front office of the BBC and were given the original story of the BBC's creation (of its building). Once we finished that, we went to a room downstairs that held celebrities before their appearances.
When we finished that, we went back to our meeting place, returned our badges, and were free to do what we wanted until around 3pm. A few of us went to a store called "Niketown" which blew my mind because I had actually talked about Niketown in my sport in modern society class and I couldn't believe it was really real! Everything that Dr. Warner had taught me about it was completely true and it felt cool to be there. I walked around, got a pair of socks and a shirt, and we were on our way to chipotle for lunch.
We went to starbuck's to get some wi-fi for awhile, and headed back to the St. Pancras train station to meet with the rest of the group.
We walked around and shopped for a little at the train station and then walked a short distance to the building where The Guardian was stationed. Right away they were serious about not taking pictures, and then it seemed to all go downhill from there. I don't know if it was the atmosphere or just the way that they held themselves accountable to their work, but it just all felt very cold during the whole meeting.
We left there and were able to do whatever we wanted, so a bunch of us went back to the apartment. I sat and ate a few little things and worked on my assignments for class to end my day. Thankfully, we had a free day on Thursday so I stayed up a little later to get ahead on a few things. I couldn't wait to sleep in finally!

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