Monday, June 23, 2014

Day 13-Last full day in London

Today was a sad one to wake up to knowing it was our last full day here. We started the day off getting ready and heading to the apartment courtyard at 9am for our visit to Edelman PR in London. We took the tube and spent about two hours in a meeting and touring the building. After our visit, we were able to go off and do what we wanted and I had been planning on going to Wimbledon any way that I could! Another girl went with me on the tube to the Wimbledon park stop and right when we got off of it, there was Wimbledon signage everywhere.
Everyone there was dressed up and looking to watch some tennis! We could not get tickets for it because we got there pretty late (around 12pm or so) and were able to stop and watch a few people warm up from far away. I'm almost positive we saw Victoria Azarenka warming up! After that we walked up a huge hill to Wimbledon Village to get some food and shop for a little bit. The only souvenir shop I could find was at a Penn shop which was loaded with signatures from famous tennis players visits.
We left there and stopped by for some food at a restaurant/bar called the Dog and Fox--it was delicious!!! We sat and watched some tennis for a few hours and then headed back to the apartment around 4pm. We got back and around 5:30pm we all took the tube to meet the rest of our study abroad group for our last dinner together. We ate at a place called Poppies for fish and chips and it was great too! We thanked our professors who did an amazing job putting together our trip and thanking them for putting up with us for two weeks!!
After dinner a few of us decided to go to our favorite bar/pub, the Famous Three Kings, for one last visit and one last memory before we left. Cameroon and Brazil were playing so the environment was great! We got back to the apartment, packed, and are watching Happy Gilmore right now with a few of the other study abroad students.
This trip has taken my breath away. I had such an amazing time and I want to come back to London as soon as possible! I am very thankful for having the opportunity to study abroad and meet a new group of people that I consider to be my family. Tomorrow this Pirate heads back to good ole VA!!!! Cheers!

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