Sunday, June 22, 2014

Day 12-USA vs. Portugal

Yesterday I spent the day at the apartment finishing up my last assignment and packing a few things before going back home. Around 5pm or so, everyone was at the apartment so we all started getting ready for the USA vs. Portugal game even though it was at 11pm. We all walked to our favorite pub/bar called the Famous Three Kings to watch the game at about 9:30pm and to our surprise, there weren't too many people there. We sat down and pushed together five tables so that all 15 or so of us could sit together and we also met a few other Americans there--one from Colorado and two from Florida. Portugal scored quickly which put all of us in a bad mood so a bunch of us left at half time to watch the game back at the apartment. We stopped at the pizza place by our apartment for dinner and watched the rest of the game together. Even then the game was tied within the last 30 seconds! It was a great night hanging out and spending time with a bunch of wonderful people! It's sinking in that I only have two days left here and I don't want to leave!!!!

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